Nowadays, window sills not only have a protective function and direct the heat radiator to the interior of the apartment. The window sill must match the prevailing style and colors of the interior but often also keep the functionality of the shelf or countertop.

Recently window sills made of wood are willingly used as an element of the interior. It is worth to point out that each type of wood has a different graining, color and application. Carefully selected wood allows us to obtain a product that does not contain knots or other discoloration.

Our wooden window sills are glued along which gives us the certainty that their shape and size will be preserved during the entire period of use, even with the sunlit of southern elevations of the building. In addition, each window sill is glued from the slats using a two-component and water-resistant adhesive. Such technology ensures excellent durability and appearance.

Wooden window sills are not only exposed to mechanical damage to the surface but due to inevitable contact with dirt and water (watering flowers), their surface is also exposed to chemicals. That's why for the production of our window sills we use specially selected types of wood. Most often we use oak, beech and ash. We impregnate the wood to additionally protect it against moisture. Thanks to this, our wooden window sills are perfect for every room in the house, acting also as a stylish decorative element.